Well, after an entirely unforced absence of … some years, it's time to get this blog going again!

There will be a few teething issues to begin with, as I remember how much I dislike writing anything in the HTML/CSS/JS space, and I suspect anyone following this via a feed reader will have the entire back catalog spammed at them. Apologies - that'll be something to do with moving across to Jekyll-based hosting and site generation, and I'm not sure it's worth fixing :-)

If you notice anything hideously wrong (outside the realm of the words I write!) please do let me know via the usual channels.

Also, please consider any blog post older than this one (pre-2018) to be sufficiently old that I renounce and retract anything meaningful written therein. I'll get round to putting them in an "old'n'busted" category sometime, but please rest assured I no longer have any professional interest in Jenkins, RHEL, CentOS, or VBS! Those posts are there as a reminder that we all grow, learn and move on :-)

Until next time,